With the vast amount of choices in countertops…don’t let it overwhelm you when making the right selection for your new project. Give us a call and let us help you find the perfect countertops for your cabinets.


If you choose stainless, it is easy to keep clean, wears well over time and perfect for the serious chef in your household.  Stainless Steel is available in Matte Finishes, mechanically polished and brushed finishes as well as numerous patterns making it a versatile option.

Natural Stone

Everyone loves the beauty of natural stone including Granite, Quartzite and Marbles. Hundreds of options cause a degree of price differences with these products. Because these are natural one should consider the space before choosing the stone. For example-striped patterns will not typically look good with L shaped tops whereas a slab with lots of movement can make an Island top be the center of attention. Also consider the application as marbles are porous and subject to staining from wine, colas and coffee thus making it a less desirable choice for working kitchens and bars. There are other options of course including simulated marbles in Quartz or sealers that repel these stains. Our designers will educate you on the differences.

Most of the natural stones are available in polished, but many also offer honed and leathered finishes. These different finishes can change the look of a slab entirely.

Soapstone Countertops

Even though Soapstone is natural, it will require maintenance of mineral oil sealing that is recommended frequently in the beginning and forms a patina with time. Since soapstone is quite porous it is prone to staining.  The choice of colors are tones of gray tones from light to dark, all with subtle veining.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz is a solid engineered surface, literally free from maintenance, resistant from scratches, stains, and heat. You will find it in a range of patterns and colors. Their non-porous surfaces do not require sealing that is typically recommended with your natural stones. Numerous manufacturers have wide ranging blend of color and veining to create a truly realistic stone look. Some of the Quartz manufacturers now offer certain colors in honed and leathered finishes.


Wood Countertops

There is a vast variety of wood species to choose from, depending on your style and needs. Wood adds warmth to your kitchen, as well as functionality, strength, and stability. Even though a wood surface is often used and thought of for chopping food, wood is being used for the beauty it provides. A wood countertop absorbs noise in the kitchen where most other other surfaces won’t. One should also consider the wood grain, texture and finish when selecting this material as well as the location it will serve. Because of its color and grain variation we typically use wood for accent tops such as islands. If used for chopping we would recommend end grain hardwoods such as hard rock maple or walnut with a food safe finish. If used as a bar top one may choose an edge or flat grain with a durable finish that is waterproof.

Wood is such a great option with the ability to machine for knife slots, bowl depressions within the top for fruit and many other options such as top thickness and edge design. We can even make a one piece top with integrated wood sink. That is a conversation piece when used in a kitchen or bar application.

Marble Countertops

Even though marble is absolutely beautiful and has an old world appeal, it can also cause some problems. Marble – unlike solid stones – it is a porous surface and can stain easily. There is a high maintenance that comes along with keeping this countertop looking good.

Honed Granite Countertops

If you don’t like a glossy look and would rather have a softer, more natural look, a honed surface might be for you. Having a honed granite surface doesn’t take away from its normal durable finish. It’s still as chip, scratch, crack and heat resistant, yet now with a smooth – velvety touch.


Glass Countertops

Contemporary more your style?….glass countertops come in a variety of color, shapes, thicknesses and textures. Glass is gaining more popularity due to its look, choices in style, non-porous surface providing stain-resistance and cleanliness. Keep in mind, along with its beauty it also comes with a higher price tag. We also use LED lights under the surface or edges to light up the room. Glass is not only used on tops but as a wall, floor or bridge above a room. Absolutely stunning!


Recycled Countertops

We live in a recycle world, so we now have the option of a eco-friendly countertop. You will find a variety of colors, materials and textures. The maintenance for a recycled surface is low and very durable.