Create A Custom Kitchen

We all know trends will come and go. However, when you create a kitchen style that lasts, you are creating a lifetime of memories, enjoyment and love. Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry has the look and style that meets what everyone desires. As well as the quality custom cabinetry you want.

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Stemming from Abet Laminiti’s stylistic and technical research, the revolutionary Polaris is smooth and velvety to the touch. Its surface features are truly extraordinary: it is hightly resistant to scratches and heat, as well as being anti-fingerprint.

Polaris is a phenolic panel with low light reflectivity, smooth and flawless surface or door finish.

The curious combination of durability and velvet smoothness gives Polaris a futuristic appeal, making it the ideal choice for ultra contemporary projects, Read More

Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens is manufactured under exclusive license by Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens. Danver has been manufacturing stainless steel cabinets for outdoor kitchens since the late 1990’s. By showcasing color, style and design and inspiring entertainment, culinary creativity and leisure living, Danver established itself as a leader in transforming outdoor entertainment from a simple barbecue island to a fully functional outdoor entertainment space, in which the outdoor kitchen is central to the space. Read More

The kitchens of today have changed. Modern kitchens are equipped to both maximize storage and increase the level of convenience.

Accessories such as peg drawers for dish storage, pull-outs for oils and cutting boards, pots and pans drawers, creative use of corner storage, upgraded pantry pullouts, recycling storage, knife and silverware storage and even compost bins are ways to make the most of the available space, while LED lighting is the new trend for accent and task lighting. Read More

Curved Wine Cellar

For ages, wine cellars have been dark, windowless spaces with bottles stuffed into cubbies that are more function than form.

Traditionally a wine cellar was thought to be anything situated below ground, but today, with modern construction materials and techniques, that distinction is less applicable and does not suit a new generation for whom wine collecting is as much a social hobby as an investment.

At its core, a wine cellar is simply any place designated to store a collection of wine. Read More