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Modern designs make life easier in the kitchen

Published in The Bluffton Sun | August 24, 2015

The kitchens of today have changed. Modern kitchens are equipped to both maximize storage and increase the level of convenience.
Accessories such as peg drawers for dish storage, pull-outs for oils and cutting boards, pots and pans drawers, creative use of corner storage, upgraded pantry pullouts, recycling storage, knife and silverware storage and even compost bins are ways to make the most of the available space, while LED lighting is the new trend for accent and task lighting.
Let's talk about accessories. We used to store dishes in the wall cabinets. Now, when designing for "aging in place," as we refer to it, storing heavy dishes in wall cabinets can cause back problems and pulled muscles, and simply does not cut the mustard any more. Read More...

Home Update

Our president and CEO recently appeared on WHHI's Home Update to discuss the ins and outs of remodeling or updating living spaces in your home. Find out when it might be a good idea to remodel, what you can expect to pay, and how you will benefit from an update. Watch the full interview above.

Custom wine storage offers many benefits

Published in The Bluffton Sun | August 17, 2015

For ages, wine cellars have been dark, windowless spaces with bottles stuffed into cubbies that are more function than form.
Traditionally a wine cellar was thought to be anything situated below ground, but today, with modern construction materials and techniques, that distinction is less applicable and does not suit a new generation for whom wine collecting is as much a social hobby as an investment.
At its core, a wine cellar is simply any place designated to store a collection of wine. Wine cellars come in various sizes, from compact under-the-counter units to full-height, built-in cellars designed for large wine collections. Read More...

Talk Of The Town

This week on Hilton Head's WHHI-TV our VP of Business Development, Loni L√ľke, talked about some of the recent changes, additions and adaptations to our business. If you are on Hilton Head Island, you can catch her interview on WHHI-TV, or you can view the whole interview in the video above.